WHIT-Hair Serum

May 9th, 2012

Hair serums-you’ve seen them on the shelves of your local store, but have you ever wondered what they were? Hair serums, simply put, is a hair styling product that works to create a smooth and shiny look to hair. People with curly hair can use hair serums to define curls while people with straight hair can use it to make hair even straighter and gives a nice glossy finish. Most hair serums you will find come in a gel or liquid form and are often sold in small¬†quantities.

How to use hair serum:

-Depending on the product itself, serums are generally used on dry hair, however, some serums are formulated specifically for wet hair.

-Apply the serum according- (USE A SMALL AMOUNT!) if it’s on dry hair you can should use the serum before and after heat styling. If it’s on wet, apply only when hair is wet and blow dry.

- Remember! Serums will maintain the gloss and smoothness of the hair until you rinse it out. Enjoy instyle hair!

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