Cute Bow Velcro Clips!

July 11th, 2014

There are many different types of tools out there for hair-from heated irons, blow dryers, brushes, clips, etc. But there are some innovative hair items from Asia that are both cute and totally practical! Take for instance, the image above. This is a cute velcro backed plastic hair tool that you can use to keep your bangs or the sides of your hair from getting into your face while your washing your face or putting on makeup. Unlike clips which can cause bends in your hair or mess up already styled bangs, these cute instyle velcro “clips” will not ruin your hairstyle!

What’s even better is that these clips comes in all different colors and patterns and they are completely affordable! One or two packs of these velcro clips go on ebay for about $5 or less! What a great and simple way to make everyday beauty routines just a little bit cuter and brighter!

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