Best Beach Sprays for your Hair!

June 27th, 2014

Salt water has many benefits, unfortunately overexposure to salt water on hair can have extreme damaging effects! Salt water can actually leech moisture from your hair, leaving you with dry and brittle locks. In order to get the best instyle beachy textured hair WITHOUT the damaging effects of the real thing, beach or salt sprays are the best ways to go! Here are some of the best salt sprays for your hair type!

Best for beginner and normal hair. Too confused about where to start? Bumble’s salt spray is the best all purpose spray to use!

Have thick hair? Opt for a lighter formula by looking for salt sprays in aerosol cans. In that way, you can ensure you won’t be using too much product!

On the flip side, if you have finer hair, opt for thicker formulas! Thicker formulas will ensure that you maintain volume and density!

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