UV Protection!

May 30th, 2014

Don’t forget the sunscreen this summer! Not only is it important to protect your entire body and face with a minimum of 30 SPF, but also not forget about your hair! UV rays are especially intense at the beach. UV rays are much more intensively concentrated at summer hot spots like the beach due to the reflective nature of the sand and water. That means damage to color and texture of hair! While most styling products offer UV protection built into the product, we aren’t exactly going to go into the ocean with a head full of hairspray now, are we? But never fear! There are tons of solutions to getting quick and easy sun protection for your instyle hair! Below are some quick and easy tips on how to protect your hair!

1. Wear a hat-when your not in the water, hats are great at protecting your hair when you’re lounging around on the sand.

2. Use a leave-in-conditioner with UV protection

3. Spritz on canned sunscreen! Great for the body, face, AND hair!

4. Try summer hair oils! Find one that contains sesame oil and uv protection.

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