The Basics: Hair Products

May 9th, 2014

We’ve all been there. Loads of products lining our bathroom shelves, each one not quite right, so you keep searching and spending money to find the perfect serum, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Every time you get a new product you wonder why your hair doesn’t magically turn into gorgeous glossiness instyle hair that’s been advertised. Your hair feels heavy and dull and basically a mess! The problem might not actually lie in your products, but rather if you’re using the products correctly! The main issues with hair product is that many women just seem to use too much! Layering on twice or three times as much serum, mousse, and hairspray may the culprit as to why hair products don’t seem to work the way their suppose to! Here are some quick and easy tips on deciphering if you’re using too much product and to figure out how much you should be using!

Shampoo: A quarter

Conditioner: A quarter

Mousse: The size of a golfball

Hair Serum: Two Peas

Styling Wax/Paste: A pea

Hair Gel: A nickel

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