WHIT-Hair Manicure

April 27th, 2012

Most people are familiar with that nail manicures are. In fact, the very definition of manicure means, “a cosmetic treatment of the hands and/or nails often involving painting, cutting, or shaping the nails”. Considering this, the very phrase “hair manicure” hardly makes sense. In any case, it does exist. So, what exactly is a hair manicure?

A hair manicure is a cosmetic treatment for the hair. Think of it like a deep conditioning treatment that makes your hair shiny and more manageable. It repairs mild damage to the hair and is generally meant to be used to liven up dull hair and give it a nice, glossy finish. It’s primarily done in a salon, although there are home manicure treatments available. There are also different types of manicure formulas. Some are color formulas, however, they are not suppose to be substitute for hair dyes but rather as an enhancer to colored/natural hair or even work as a tint. Be warned though, the color will fade out with each consecutive shampoos! Hair manicures, in essence, are quick and easy ways to have instyle hair!

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