Tip: To blow dry or not to?

April 25th, 2012

Let’s face it-many people nowadays have an extremely busy lifestyle. For me, with school, work, and a social life it’s hard to find time to spend 1-2 hours styling my hair in the morning, let alone dressing up + makeup. Thankfully, there are a few clever ways to have instyle hair without the hassle of blow drying.

A great way to skip  a blowout in the morning is to put styling cream (I always like to use a frizz free formula) in damp/semi dry hair and arrange it in a bun. When you wake up in the morning, release your hair and discover yourself with slightly wavy and smooth hair!

I do this all the time. Even if I do plan on styling my hair with heating tools later on, I find that using this method tames my frizzies and makes my hair a lot more manageable-for when I’m busy or not!

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