Celebrate the Holidays with Gorgeous Hair!

December 21st, 2013

The Holidays are here! The best way to celebrate is to do something a little extra special with your instyle hair. Use glitter, accessories, fancy updos, etc! The holidays are the best way to create beautiful, sculpted, glamorous hair! Below are some quick and easy instructions on how to get beautiful holiday hair! It’s easier than you think!


Glitter is a great way to spice up your hair during the holidays. It’s fun, festive, and totally fun! To get this look that Beyonce’s wearing, simply straighten your hair, apply a shine serum, and then apply a glitter gel to your hair. You can even amp it up even more with some glitter spray!


Curl your hair, take sections of your hair and pin it up, creating a beautiful low-do. Add a sparkly accessory and your done!

Want something a little less stiff? Create long, voluminous curls by priming hair with a hair mouse and curl with a large barrel iron. Finish with hairspray and add a statement piece hairpiece.

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