Simple Hair Tips and Tricks

January 5th, 2013

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time again to buckle down and return to our regular scheduled programming. Here are some simple and easy tips and tricks for women on the go!

Vaseline: Winter is still upon us, and that means chapped lips and skin. VaselineĀ  is a great way to keep your lips and skin hydrated through the remainder of this winter season. You can also use Vaseline as an eyebrow groomer, eye makeup remover, and even get rid of those nasty cowlicks! ($4-5, Drugstores)

Baby Powder: Baby powder is a great way to soakĀ  up excess grease in hair. Simple sprinkle a little on 2nd day hair and brush through. You’ll be left with gorgeous, texturized looking instyle hair! Plus, it’s a whole lot healthier for your hair if you don’t shampoo everyday. ($4, Drugstores)

SPF: SPF is usually associated with summer and our skin, but UV protection is also very important for your hair too! While it’s not wise to slather on your sunscreen on your hair, you can simply look for products such as leave-in-conditioners or styling products with UV protection built in. (Moroccanoil $17-42, Salons, Amazon, or

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