How to get Straight, Glossy Hair

October 24th, 2012

Have you ever straightened your hair? If you have you might have noticed that when you straighten it, it doesn’t exactly come out looking ultra shiny and gorgeous. Don’t worry, it’s easy as long as you follow a few simple guidelines! Here are some tips you can use to boost shine for instyle hair!

1) Avoid Clarifying shampoos-all it does it strip your hair of natural oils! Instead try a moisturizing formula when you wash to maintain healthy levels of oil in your hair.

2) Correct Iron-while it does not matter if your iron is cheap or pricy, what IS important is that you use a ceramic or tourmaline plated iron since they both create negative ions that will help keep frizz down and high shine up.

3) Pick your styling products wisely-silicone or oils are a great way to add shine in your hair. Use a spray  silicone product if you have fine hair and concentrated serum for thick hair. Make sure not to use too much since it can weigh your hair down. People with coarse or kinky hair might find that heavier oils are much more effective though!

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