Pricy or Cheap Irons?

October 19th, 2012

You’ve heard that saying -”you get what you pay for”. I believe personally that that is true ….to some extent. It all depends on what your buying, really. One dilemma girls who want instyle hair must make is how much should women be spending on irons? There are a whole lot of irons out there on the market. Some as low as $10 to $600!! Some are made with ceramic and other with tourmaline-does it matter which one you buy? No, not really. Both are coats which are used on ironing plates to create a negative ions, thus giving you that gorgeous shiny look and finish. In addition, the iron mechanisms inside the iron itself are all the basic same design. So-exactly what differentiates a $10 iron from a $600 one? One answer: THE PLATES! As I mentioned above, using ceramic or tourmaline as coating for metal plates are very common. The lower end irons will have coated plates. The problem with coated plates is that you often get hot spots on the plate vs. a uniform heat. In addition, lower end irons lose heat the longer you use it and will not stay consistently hot. Higher end  irons, on the other hand, do stay consistently hot (some even have buttons you push to get the heat back up to full blast) and the most expensive irons don’t have metal plates at all and are pure ceramic plates-which gives you the best and most even heat distribution. The only downside is that pure ceramic irons costs upwards of about $500~ and are easily breakable.

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