WHIT-Hair Texturizer

October 10th, 2012

Texturizer is a wonderful hair styling products that can work for everyone. Whether you have short, curly, wavy, or pin straight hair texturizer just might be the thing for you! What is hair texturizer you ask? Hair texturizer is a styling product that is made for thick, coarse, or difficult to manage hair and is used to get a very piecey or “textured” look. It’s meant to work with natural hair texture instead of fighting it. Although designed for people who have waves/curls-texturizer will also add weight and shape to even the straightest hair.

Instyle idea: Use texturizer to achieve beautiful beach waves. For straight hair, after making ironing your hair into waves/curls use texturizer to add weight and make it piece-y. For curly or wavy hair, just apply texturizer straight and design.

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