Cost-Friendly Hair!

October 5th, 2012

We’ve all been there-that moment when your looking at your bathroom sink and notice all the hair products piling up and no matter how hard you try or how much money you spend, your hair is still frizzy, dry, and just plain bad? What is a girl to do? The secret is: LESS IS MORE. Making instyle hair look fabulous does not have to be a 24/7 job. In fact, hair care and styling should be simple and easy. Here are a few tips that will save you tons of money and keep your hair looking fabulous.

1. KNOW YOUR HAIR: The biggest mistake a lot of people make when they are purchasing hair products is that they have no clue what types of hair products that they should be purchasing for their hair. The first thing you should determine is what hair texture you have: FINE, COARSE, CURLY, WAVY, or STRAIGHT. Then, find out what type of hair you have: normal, dry, greasy, combination, colored/permed/other chemically changed hair. By knowing what texture and type of hair you have will guide you in which types of products you should be buying.

2. DON’T WASH HAIR EVERYDAY: Unless you have super greasy hair, not washing your hair everyday can be a good thing! Many shampoos contains sulfates which strips the natural oils from your hair and can dry it out.  If your worried about grease, you can always use baby powder or dry shampoos in between shampoos to soak up grease.

3. GET TRIMS REGULARLY: Trimming your hair regularly (every 2-3 months) will get rid of split ends and keep hair healthy!

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