WHIT-Hair Spray

July 17th, 2012

You’ve seen it lining the shelves of your local drugstore-you might even have it at home. It’s one of the most widely used and available hair styling product out there. I’m talking about hair spray! Hair spray is a fantastic styling product that works as an agent to keep hair in place. It’s most often used as a finishing product-meaning that after styling, hairspray is usually spritzed on to ensure that your instyle hair stays in place! Hair spray is dispensed as a regular pump or aerosol spray. Brands also offer different hair spray ‘holds’ that ranges from flexible, climate/humidity control, extra, strong, regular, freeze, and many more! Which means that hair sprays don’t have to be limited to extreme mohawks, beehives, or tight curls, but that it can also be used as a daily product to keep your daily look in place all day long!

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