Hair Trend: The Side Ponytail

July 10th, 2012

Is it just me or have I been noticing that everyone seems to be sporting the side ponytail? Do I sense a new trend? Ever since the hit movie the Hunger Games came out in theaters-everyone seems to be crazy about the side ponytail! It’s a great way to maintain instyle hair!  Here are some quick and easy ways to wear the side ponytail:

Wear it messy like Blake Lively! Loosely curl your hair, make a loose braid, and then slowly pull out random strands to create a gorgeous no-fuss do’.

Keep it classy like Ashley Tisdale! Curl the bottom portion of your hair while making sure all the curls are facing the same direction and bundle into a side ponytail. Comb and recurl if necessary.

Or try something sweet and low key like Hailee Stein. Instead of using a traditional braid, here you can use a wrap or twist braid! Simply secure the ends with a bow to add a feminine touch.

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