You have to try it. First non-foaming Argan oil shampoo 7-in-1

September 9th, 2014

Nelson j Argan Oil Non-Foaming Shampoo is a revolutionary product in hair care. A 7-in-1 formula, this one product replaces your shampoo, conditioner, shine spray, smoothing serum, color protector, and pre-styling lotion. It is the first non-foaming shampoo that cleanses hair thoroughly. The product is ideally suitable for dry, damaged, and color-treated hair. The major ingredient is Argan Oil. The smell is really good. You could use it every week or twice a week.

护发革命性的产品: Nelson j 坚果油不起泡的洗发水,一个拥有7合1配方,这个产品替代你的洗发水,护发素,光泽喷雾,血清平滑,色彩保护,并预先造型化妆水。这是第一个不起泡的洗发水是能彻底洁净头发。该产品是适用于干燥,受损和染过色的毛发。主要成分是摩洛哥坚果油。气味是非常好的。,你可以使用它每个星期一次或每星期两次。

Easy Bang Stylers!

August 15th, 2014

Do you have bangs? Do you dread having to wake up every morning and spend time and effort to style them? Well the hassle stops here! Continuing our awesome series on cool and cute hair innovations from Asia, here is an easy bang style! It is simply a clamp with holes that you use on wet or dry hair. The clamp is slightly curved as well so that your bangs will lay perfect against your forehead. Simply gather your bangs or section off parts of your bangs within the clip and blow dry. The clamp will ensure even heat distribution and keep your bangs in place as you heat set it. Use this device for a few minutes will  give you perfect bangs every time! Great for instyle hair everyday!

Cute Strawberry Foam Curlers

August 2nd, 2014

This continuation of amazingly cute instyle hair items are: strawberry foam curlers! Unlike those cheap snap in ones that you often find at your local drugstore, these cute curlers are super easy to use! Not only are the massively cute, but they also have no snaps ins, which makes them much more comfortable to sleep in and more lightweight-resulting in softer, looser, and overall better looking curls!!

Here’s how to use them.

Comb through your hair to release tangles and then use the end of a rat-tail comb to section off a 1-inch piece of hair. Open the Strawberry Curl curler and wrap the section of hair around the curler starting at the very tip of the hair. Twist the Strawberry Curl lock in place and move to the next section of hair. To avoid curler lines, section hair off randomly, starting at the top of your head and moving to the sides and back. For tight curls, wrap the foam curlers tightly and close to the scalp. For softer more natural- looking curls, wrap the curlers loosely, using larger sections of hair.

Dry your curls using a hair dryer, blow dryer or let them dry overnight while you sleep.

Untwist the Strawberry Curl curler and gently unroll the foam curlers from your hair one at a time. If a piece of hair snags on the curler, take the time to gently pull the snag free, so you do not damage your hair. Comb through the curls and style!!

Cute Bow Velcro Clips!

July 11th, 2014

There are many different types of tools out there for hair-from heated irons, blow dryers, brushes, clips, etc. But there are some innovative hair items from Asia that are both cute and totally practical! Take for instance, the image above. This is a cute velcro backed plastic hair tool that you can use to keep your bangs or the sides of your hair from getting into your face while your washing your face or putting on makeup. Unlike clips which can cause bends in your hair or mess up already styled bangs, these cute instyle velcro “clips” will not ruin your hairstyle!

What’s even better is that these clips comes in all different colors and patterns and they are completely affordable! One or two packs of these velcro clips go on ebay for about $5 or less! What a great and simple way to make everyday beauty routines just a little bit cuter and brighter!

Best Beach Sprays for your Hair!

June 27th, 2014

Salt water has many benefits, unfortunately overexposure to salt water on hair can have extreme damaging effects! Salt water can actually leech moisture from your hair, leaving you with dry and brittle locks. In order to get the best instyle beachy textured hair WITHOUT the damaging effects of the real thing, beach or salt sprays are the best ways to go! Here are some of the best salt sprays for your hair type!

Best for beginner and normal hair. Too confused about where to start? Bumble’s salt spray is the best all purpose spray to use!

Have thick hair? Opt for a lighter formula by looking for salt sprays in aerosol cans. In that way, you can ensure you won’t be using too much product!

On the flip side, if you have finer hair, opt for thicker formulas! Thicker formulas will ensure that you maintain volume and density!

Trendy Ways to Style Your Hair for the Beach!

June 13th, 2014

It’s summer! That means lots of time in the sun and on the beach. But we all know that there’s no point in curling and arranging your hair for the beach when a mistimed wave can sweep away all your hard work! Besides, who wants to spend all day sun bathing and not fully enjoying everything that the beach has to offer? Here are some quick and easy ways in which you can style your hair for the beach that’s practical AND super trendy!

TOP KNOTS: This quick and easy top knot is a great way to look great at the beach!

BRAIDS: Braids are perfect for something a little more glamorous at the beach! Adding more braids and accessories can make your hair look super fabulous!

Loose Pig Tails: A great feminine style that’s ethereal and pretty!

UV Protection!

May 30th, 2014

Don’t forget the sunscreen this summer! Not only is it important to protect your entire body and face with a minimum of 30 SPF, but also not forget about your hair! UV rays are especially intense at the beach. UV rays are much more intensively concentrated at summer hot spots like the beach due to the reflective nature of the sand and water. That means damage to color and texture of hair! While most styling products offer UV protection built into the product, we aren’t exactly going to go into the ocean with a head full of hairspray now, are we? But never fear! There are tons of solutions to getting quick and easy sun protection for your instyle hair! Below are some quick and easy tips on how to protect your hair!

1. Wear a hat-when your not in the water, hats are great at protecting your hair when you’re lounging around on the sand.

2. Use a leave-in-conditioner with UV protection

3. Spritz on canned sunscreen! Great for the body, face, AND hair!

4. Try summer hair oils! Find one that contains sesame oil and uv protection.

The Basics: Hair Products

May 9th, 2014

We’ve all been there. Loads of products lining our bathroom shelves, each one not quite right, so you keep searching and spending money to find the perfect serum, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Every time you get a new product you wonder why your hair doesn’t magically turn into gorgeous glossiness instyle hair that’s been advertised. Your hair feels heavy and dull and basically a mess! The problem might not actually lie in your products, but rather if you’re using the products correctly! The main issues with hair product is that many women just seem to use too much! Layering on twice or three times as much serum, mousse, and hairspray may the culprit as to why hair products don’t seem to work the way their suppose to! Here are some quick and easy tips on deciphering if you’re using too much product and to figure out how much you should be using!

Shampoo: A quarter

Conditioner: A quarter

Mousse: The size of a golfball

Hair Serum: Two Peas

Styling Wax/Paste: A pea

Hair Gel: A nickel

The Year Round Favorite

April 18th, 2014

Black Headband

Spring is here! Normally that means pastel, flowers, and generally all things spring-y! But what’s a girl to do when you don’t want to delve into all things bright and cute?  Black headbands are a great staple headgear! Not only does it look fabulous all year round, but it also pairs great with neutrals, and other non-pastel-y wardrobe attire. Your look can be changed up so easily with a basic black band! Go for a large band if you’re having a bad hair day, but switch it to a thin or even multiple strapped band when your hair is looking a bit better! Creating a bouffant and accessorizing it with a black headband is the perfect way to achieve instyle hair!

Importance of Combs

April 5th, 2014

Combs. They are the essential tools that is vital to healthy, gorgeous, instyle hair! Some people may think: combs? What’s the big difference between combs? Aren’t they all the same? While it’s true that all combs perform the same basic functions, different combs are ideal for different types of jobs. Below are some examples of combs that is often used and their functions:

Wide Tooth Comb

Perfect for detangling wet hair after the shower.

Fine Tooth Comb

Ideal for perfecting or finishing hairstyles

Boar Bristle Brush

This natural hair brush is the best for blow drying and creating shine in the hair